AURA Staking Launch Update

Hi everyone, update from staking HQ.

We’ve had multiple AURA staking nodes up and running the last few days and they are all working as expected. Staging is set up with the opt-in functionality and trade data served from the nodes matches data served by IDEX directly.

We ran into one unexpected snag late last night regarding our “fast-sync” process. When users create an AURA node they have the option of syncing from snapshots we’ve created or directly from the Ethereum blockchain. We’ve identified an inconsistency in the snapshot data which is causing the hashes of snapshot nodes to differ from those of direct-sync nodes. We’re working to correct the snapshots so that users will be able to use this option on launch rather than waiting for a full sync.

To give some context, the snapshot approach has users up and running in about an hour, while a direct-sync takes multiple days. We think this is an important part of the initial UX and we want to have it available on launch.

We’re working heads down on this issue and will provide another update in a few hours. Thanks for everyone’s patience as we work to get this over the finish line!


Co-founder/CEO of

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